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Welcome to the Managing My Diabetes and Other Health Concerns section of the CTH Patient Website! This section is organized differently from other sections of this site as it will provide specific information about managing type 2 diabetes and health distress.

The content for Managing my Diabetes was developed collaboratively with the CaReNet Diabetes Patient Advisory Council and the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine. CaReNet Diabetes Patient Advisory Council is a group of Colorado community members, health educators, and physicians. Many of them have diabetes. Those that don‘t know someone who does. They created a partnership because they wanted to help their friends, family members, and coworkers live a healthy life with diabetes. Diabetes is serious business, but you can life an active, full life with diabetes.

A message from the CaReNet Diabetes Patient Advisory Council:

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming. You may not fully understand what it means. Support and “straight talk” from your doctor and entire clinic team is important. We encourage you to work closely with your medical team to answer questions and to manage your diabetes. This partnership helps us when we are in the real world — where we are responsible for our own quality of life.

We helped create this section of the website. Our goal is to provide clear and consistent messages and tools — suggestions for strategies to help you get started and make adjustments as you go along.

Managing diabetes is a process. It doesn‘t happen overnight. Doing something a little differently can make a big difference in your health. Keep track of your changes, work with your doctor, and see the results.

We believe there is a difference between being given health information and the process of discovering how you want to live with diabetes. We have struggled. We are succeeding. What do you want to try?

The Colorado Research Network (CaReNet) Patient Advisory Council

Please click on the links below to receive information about the basics of diabetes, and 7 skills that can help you to take charge of your diabetes.

The American Association of Diabetes Educators identified 7 key skills that will help you take charge of your diabetes, and this section will cover each of them: